Is it time for me to paint ?
It may be time for you to repaint, But how do you know for sure?
If you have Mold, Mildew, Peeling, Cracking or Chaulky Paint surfaces it's time to repaint!

What kind of paint should be used?
Always use a 100% acrylic with Mold & Mildew resisters on the exterior it holds up to the UV Rays of the Sun light.
In a Interior use a 100% Acrylic; it keeps paint from yellowing, paint holds up longer. All of our products are now offered in green technology!

Proper preperation should always be done before painting.

My name is Tim Frye I am the owner of Prompt Quality Painting Inc. I have over 23 years of experience as a coatings and restoration specialist. I also have 15 years of experienceas a decorator. I hope this information about painting helps you. If you have more questions, or need advice on painting or any other kind of contractor work, you can feel free to please call 724-852-1734.