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Client Reference,

Waynesburg Court House

Contact: Waynesburg Bridge and Maintence Dept.

Job description: Pressure blast,stucco patch and apply industrail maintenance coating.


:Contractors References:

A.G. Cullen Construction Co


Scope of Work: Painting Trinity High School.

Gen-x Construction

Scope of Work: Painting/ WallPaper ,Drywall Finishing. Schools, Retail Stores,Warehouses,Houses,Day Cares,Doctor offices ect.

Marsico/Beata Construction Co  


Scope of Work: Painting Resturants, Office Space ect.                                                                     

Richard Jacob's  Construction 

Scope of Work: Painting of New & Repainting of Residential,Commercial. Interior, Exterior, Faux
Finishes,Textured Wall Finishes,Pressure Cleaning.

Home Owners:       

Rick & Cindy Stump


Scope of Work: Pressure wash exterior of home, Glaze windows and paint exterior complete.

Kathy Speranza

Scope of Work: New & Remodel
Interior, Exterior,Faux Fin-ishes Hanging Wallpaper, Decorating. High end homes.

Betty Anderson


Scope of work: Pressure wash and paint exterior of home and Resoration work.

Industrial References:

Wayne Lumber
 (Project Center Plaza) 724-627-3171

Scope of Work: Pressure wash, patch and paint complete exterior of building.

Burkhardt Construction Corp 


Scope of Work: Repump stations & water tanks.
Industial Wharehouses, Interior & Exterior.High Pressure Blast,Sandblast, Epoxy coatings,
Xypex Coatings, Thoro Seal Coatings,Epoxy Coatings & 2 part caulking systems .

M. Square Construction,LLc

Scope of Work: Painting/Drywall finishing. Interiors & Exteriors. Office space, Homes, Industrial warehouses, ect. 
Licensed, Bonded,Insured &
Workers Compensation.Certifices
for the above upon request.
Lic. U18579
Lic. SP02792
Lic. 00-9526-PU-R