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We have a lot of experience working with color, so we understand it. We are able to use various color techniques, such as faux finishing, which can make something look like marble, wood, stone, mossy oak or even wallpaper, using paint. We can help people come up with creative ideas that will look best in their particular living or office space.

Areas of Expertise

Coating Specialist

Faux Finishing

Fire, Water and Mold Remediation

Interior Decorating

Exterior Decorating

ProActive Safety - Certified Renovator

2018 – 2023

Renovator Initial per 40 CFR Part 745.225

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Lead Safe Firm Certification

2018 – 2023

Lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting activities pursuant to 40 CFR Part 745.89

National Association of Mold Professionals - Certified Mold Inspector & Certified Mold Remediator


University of Pittsburgh - Small Business Development Center – Problem Solvers Training


Community Builders Nonprofit Leadership - Certified Community Builder


Joining others to strengthen Greene County by building stronger organizations and community capacity.

Coatings 100%
Renovation 98%
Household Repair 90%
Remediation 100%
Carpentry 96%
Decorating 99%
Human Resources 23%

For the past 25 years, Prompt Quality Painting, Inc. has been far more than just a painting company. The dedicated staff is proud to be part of a company of innovation, leading the way into the future.

This is proven by their ability to adapt and transform the company’s techniques and technologies, meeting the needs of a changing world. Prompt Quality Painting has diversified and advanced in their use of “green” coatings, building products, and processes. Their services include painting, remodeling, drywall finishing, decorating, fire/water damage restoration, and historical restoration. They are also certified in mold inspection and remediation, and perform all of these services in residential, commercial, and industrial structures throughout the area.

'Picnic' Green

Tim's Favorite Color

Sherwin Williams SW 6731
Location Number: 150-C4

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